It's Okay

This post graduate life...is confusing.
Perhaps it is not surprising that most of people's fear is their future. I am terribly afraid of where life's gonna flow me to.

My friends one by one pass this job-finding- phase, go into some benefit companies, make much amount of money, live independently and even send their parents some of their salary.
Some more are still enrolling themselves into big companies they thought is profitable in job fair, some of them are on the way up to it.

Me, here, still wandering around campus, sometimes greeting my juniors, sometimes (i should say) too shy to pass them like.... seriously, mbak, why are you coming here everyday?--those kind of stuffs.

Yes i want a decent job which will pay me monthly, with those big amount of money (of course i need much money! where do you think i get my lipstick from? lol). Yet i do really want to stay put on this urban planning line, i do want to be a real urban planner-if not, why do i graduated from there, then? And guess what, urban planning companies (mostly, consultant company) are not many, sure there are so many competitors around me. And i still haven't had my next opportunity to enroll myself to governmental board (after got rejected at my first try).
(Okay, i started to sound like a spoiling-complainer fresh graduate :)))

But then I keep telling myself,
"Hold on. You love staying on this line. You do want to be an urban planner. It's hard, it made you realize this way has never been easy. Stay put. Some will say it's too idealistic--well you'd say the same in the past. But the thing is, you just wanna live in the world you plunged into, absorb the experiences, experience great things... and you'll thank yourself in the near future."

For those who read this, if you know me, and accidentally bumped into me, and you know I forget those sentences I told myself to, please... slap me in my face!

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  1. Sound very interesting to slap up ur face ��