Mesut Ozil, and another thing called girlfriend

OK, so we back to my craziness bout this Germany's mildfielder. Last time i have written Anna Maria Lewe,   an OLD WIDOW as his current girlfriend. Omg i still cant accept why he chose that 'porn' star. Moreover, she is much older and has children. Thank god, they broke up *dancing*

I heard Mesut has new gf. She's Aida Yespica. OK, she isn't much different than Anna, she is--still-older than him. She was the finalist of Miss Venezuela, and hell yeah she is zoooo gorgeous *thunder*
Still dont get the bad side of this girl yet, except how this girl have the same thing with Anna: she often acts sexxy on some photo shoots. Guh-re-at. How come Mesut......... T___T I cant stop thingking this: he really does deserve get more more beautiful, precious, and younger girl. The most thing is, why he doesnt choose the Girl in normal pose? T___Tv

Got these picts from google, i chose the normal act and full-dressed.
Beautiful in tame pose, rite?

They got dinner in a restaurant by paparzi :''' still cannot accep the re-a-lity

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