Every place I go I think of YOU, every song I sing I sing for YOU, every pray I say I pray for YOU.... Oh boy, how lucky you are ! :')

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  1. ah, actually I dont know the way how to share everything with you again.
    sms? grrr, you've confusing number
    fb ? ah, idk, it always ends with garing dialog.

    so? what should we dooooo? T,T

  2. how about telepathy ...? :)
    i'd rather being your classmate then we can share and curhat everything everytime huhu :(

  3. uhuhuhuhu unyu unyuu..
    telephaty isn't working. there's too much viruses. *well, gak nyambong
    hahaha, you must be so happy if you were in my class.
    my friend has a lot of cool books. in english!

    and ah, your english is awesome ._.
    i got remedial for passive voice test.

  4. woooow can i get one of them? i'm going to repair my basic english. i should be passed away if there is someone on my class whom have an english book! :x :p

    awesome? i still need the google translate's helps! remedial is a good step to mend your amazing english, kyut :*