a letter

Dear, God.

it is my first time to write a letter for You. i don't know where i'm going to send this letter for sure, so i wrote this on blog (and in my own heart).

i feel messy lately. i was being more lazy to touch a book. i was too lazy to spend my time to study, to think my future. God, i was being too lazy to greet you again in my prays. God, i've forgot You. i'm sorry...

what can i say besides this fuckin word : sorry ?

God, i'm sorry for leave solat when i was angry with You. i'm sorry for being unmoral human, that often forgot You. i'm sorry for never pray on You, like i don't need You anymore (and it was very wrong opinion).

God, i wanna move on. i wanna be a moslem girl that never leave, forget, and feel great on You. God, i want to get a clear future, that felicitate my parents. God, i want to be a clever, diligent student. God, i want to be a kind slave ...

God, surely, i want to tell You this : I love You and I want to be closer with You .
forgive all of my stupid mistakes, God. Amin.

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