crazy with xi science 3 : all about NU GREEN TEA

i still always laugh while i think this case . but yeah , if i thought clearer , it was not a funny case , it was a pity case actually haha . now i'll tell you this pity-funny story :

it was wednesday . we were in the computer lab that day . as usual , students always make a busy when they were in that lab . and as usual , my classmates made noisy . they were talking about something i did not know .
they were talking about nu green tea , i thought .

i asked to one of my classmates
me : what do they talking about ? nu green tea ? im not understand
him : hahahaha . its all about R (my other classmate's name, censored hihi)
me : hm ? whats going on with her ?
him : recently , adit saw her stole nu green tea in kopsis .
me : what ? kopsis ? what a dangerous she was ! (cek wanine dee !, Red.)
him : lhaiyo mbotalah

then friends told me the details . they were very help hihi

i knew that R was a clepto (my friend's called) . she ever stole flashdisk , glasses , and pulse (im not kidding !) . but i couldnt believe that she was very brave to do her 'habit' in kopsis . bapak said , our school never give remission for a thief at all .

when i was on 10th grade , i have a friend that liked to take stuff that was not hers .
my classmates punished her with ask her to say sorry in front of the class . the following days after that , she became an uncommunicative girl . i didnt bear to see her like that >< style="font-style: italic;">R
she never looks sorry .

kopi tabrak had another punishment .

after TIK lesson , there was english .
mrs. marlina asked us to make a dialogue about satisfaction and dissatisfaction . my classmates (especially , the boys) used that to quip what R did (R didnt know that all of her friend knew all of things she did) .

the boys read their dialogue when mrs. marlina asked them .
* saipul and garis's dialogue

S : i really like and enjoy with the condition of this school
G : oh yea ?
S : what ? do you dissapointed with our school ?
G : yeah , im really dissapointed
S : why?
G : this school isnt secure at all . i have ever seen a student steal a bottle of tea in canteen
S : really ? what a criminal !
G : yeah thats true !
S : omg i cant believe it !
G : so do i ....

*soca and danang's dialogue

D : hi soc , what will we buy ?
S : up to you ...
D : emmm ... are you thirsty ?
S : yes of course , why ?
D : do you want nu green tea ?
S : yes i do , but i have no money ...
D : but i have an idea (danang set his face up like a criminal hahaha)
S : whats that ?
D : i will steal nu green tea and we sneak out the canteen . do you agree ? hehehe
S : ooo its a crime brother . i dont agree
D : yea i know that , its a crime
S : how about go to the mosque ?
D : i agree
S : lets go

*rahu and audiyatra's dialogue

R : hey boi , how r you ?
A : im fine hu
R : what do you think about your new guitar you bought a week ago ?
A : yeah im quiet satisfied with that one , the sound is powerful
R : oh really ?
A : of course yes , but i cant find my groove when i play that guitar
R : ooh . btw dont you feel thirsty ?
A : yes i do , lets buy some drinks ! how about tea ?
R : oh great , it will be better if we can get it for free
hahaha im kidding .. its very bad attitude . we have to pay first before we drink it .
A : excellent ! thats a great opinion . lets find a market
R : and dont forget to buy nu green tea !

*reza and yoga's dialogue

R : im really like aura kasih
Y : why do you like her ?
R : because she is so hot (i laughed while i hear this hahaha)
Y : hahaha i think you right , her body is like violin
R : but i am dissapointed with her gossip
Y : with her gossip ? about her video isnt it ?
R : yeah you r right , because she is a good person
(the class made some occasion , but suddenly yoga said : 'aura kasih is nu green tea's model !' hahaha we just knew that their dialogue still has a relation with nu green tea :D)

i think the R girl never know that class was talking about her . she looked confuse when class laughed loudly heard the boy's dialogue . and i consider it will be better if she doesnt know everything we knew hahaha .

but R was not the only one who dont know what did the boy talk about . mrs. marlina looked confuse too when she knew the boys have the same topic :DD

then , all about R's problem was submitted to our classmaster , mr reza . he is a good speaker that can satirize gently . i do not know , if R could be trusted again . i hope so .

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  1. hahahahahaahaha goblok bgt pek nek arek e gak kesindir sumpaaaah

  2. hahaha mbotalah . pada knyataannya dia tidak nyadar --