crazy with xi science 3 : we love you ?

yesterday was a goood day :) after the lessons end, class make a little meeting. yeah, if you read my previous blog, you already know that it still talks about R.

as you know, R has a bad habit : took the others stuff. so, we got to set that friday is a good day for asking all of the knotty things to R and hear her explanation.

so, when the bell rang, Garis started the discussion. he said :
"Guys, i am a truant lovers. i liked go to the canteen and run away from the lessons. all of the canteen's owner know me. and nowadays, they tell me that they suffer loss. there was a thieve in their canteen. there was a thieve in our class."

"Lets admit, guys! or i'll point the one what i mean!" he shouted.
"Please, guys, be honest. we'll forgive you if you are honest." Gita said.

then ... R raised her hand. "Me!" she said loudly.

siiiing~ *i whispered : "huh?" to myself*

Garis talked, "Why did you do that?"
R answered, "I forgot to pay. I know, you all know that i ever eat bakso and i dont pay. I know, yesterday you all quip me about mie ayam which i dont pay yet. But you dont know guys, i just forgot to pay. Today, i'll pay them, but i forgot again."

siiiing~ *i talked to my own: "what does she talking about?"*

i saw Garis looked angry, "Why do you steal? I DONT LIKE IF THERE IS A THIEVE IN MY CLASS !"
i know R's eyes glazed. then, Gita took the meeting on her hand and said, "Then I know that you've stole Bernad's pulse. Is that right?"
R answered, "Yes, I have."
Gita looked surprised. "Why did you do that?"
R said, "Because if i told her, she won't give me pulse."

siiing~ *i said to myself again: "omg! of course she won't! she isn't your mom, she is a student just like you, me and us! she doesnt has much money to share her pulse! why do you think she will be happy if you took her pulse secretly?"

R talked again, "I'm sorry guys, i'll never do that anymore. I promise."
then Zee replied, "On the 10 grade, you told our class like that. You promised that you would not do that anymore, but you do."


"Okay, now, what will we do to punish you if you do that anymore? You'll be reported to Bapak. And I think, Bapak never give a choice for thieves." Garis said.

"Yea I promise."

what i laughed by is when Merry told R, "Listen R, if you dont have any money, you dont need to buy anything." (Gini lho R, kalo kamu nggak punya uang, kamu nggak usah beli. Red)

"We're family, R. We love you. Want you change your bad habit?"
"Yea I want."

case was closed now !

after that, we going to have a game. guess what? we chose kotak pos game. hahaha, i got the armpit name. Tante, outsider of ia 3 joined this game too. she got ass Romana got power rangers, Bernad got pig, Embun got underwear, Firda got spongebob and Merry was a chaser. It was really fun game, guys ! :D unforgottable memory ;)

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