sari and what i am thinking of right now

i've been knew her for a long time . and she just like my another-jhs besties ; crazy , simply , fun and clowny [?] hahahha . as stupid as jhs students in general, we fell in l*ve with someone (and it just be a fun , absolutely) .

my sari is not a type like a-love-addicted-girl (and so my besties do) . we just fell in love , happy when he glanced for a few second , told to everyone that we really really fun for that time , and done . enough .

my nopi told me about sari's new story . sari has a boyf [?] i cant believe it . yeah you know , i know her for 3 years and im sure she never wants to be a girlfriend (or to have a boyfriend)

and the lucky boy is julio . i dont know how the boy's face , but from nezha and lia's information , julio has a good-looking face with his bald hair (ow) . it was a doubt to ask sari , what the reason of her agreement for julio's propose .

when we gathered at novi's house , i heard sari told bila about this . so , i listened it secretly (altough she did not want to tell secretly--she wanted us to know what the motive of this agreement) .
sari said that before she accepted julio's propose , she refused him . then , julio's friends were angry (confuse about that? so I am) . they taught that sari's friends (at libels) , were touch sari's options .

of course sari wont let her friends were blamed . and then , she canceled her refusal .
fyi , sari likes julio in practically . so , i think sari was wrong if she think she just a victim of compulsion .

okay , i know we are getting adult . its fine to know that your bestfriend want to try a different way (as long it is not a wrong way) .
okay thats it . just wanna share my unimportant thought hehe . ilovyu sari , ilovyu jhs-besties .

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