its impossible

somebody says 'there isnt impossible things in this world . everything is possible , if you try' yeah i know it was a good motivation sentence . but now , i think it just a bull-sh*t . who wants to be a winner ? everyone . who wants to be a loser ? nobody .

there is a few things in this world that would never be happen . dont believe it ? i'll give you several examples .

have you ever wish to be a president ? its a big and great wish . but it would be an impossible and unreal wish if you do not undertake . you were dreaming when they ran away for get their bright future . you just thaught , 'if i am a president , i will do ..... blablabla' . but you never get it . so its impossible . (and its proper for you because you did not try before)

have you ever wanna be a superstar ? or wanna be a superstar's girlfriend ?
then , its impossible . although you try and try and try . hey , what will you try if you dont know what you want ? you know you have nothing about acting ability , but you think one day you can get that dream . hey ITS NEVER BE REAL ! so, wake up , and find another dream !

* when i write this post , i am wishing about an unreal dream . so i think type this entry will wake myself up and think clearly .

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